Looking down to Scales Tarn from Blencathra (Saddleback), August 2006

The path mentioned by Dale in one of her posts on the 'Borrowdale 2' invite is on the right (the path on the left leads up to Sharp Edge 😮).

posted on 12/05/2021 by M1960

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Dale   on 13/05/21 @ 19:51 said:

Good shot M1960, both great paths. 😀

Middsman   on 13/05/21 @ 23:53 said:

Mark why weren't you over on the Sharp Edge path?? Conditions looked perfect for it. Plenty of grip.....😀

M1960   on 14/05/21 @ 0:43 said:

We had just ascended via Sharp Edge, Ian - not too bad when it's dry!

Middsman   on 14/05/21 @ 0:46 said:

M1960: Ah. Well done. Stopped near there a couple of years ago, but the weather was awful. So no chance of doing that route ☹. Maybe oneday...

M1960   on 14/05/21 @ 1:04 said:

I have done it when it was wet. The rock is slate and then becomes very slippery 😮 - I definitely wouldn't recommend it!

Dale   on 14/05/21 @ 9:21 said:

Middsman: you should, but you are wise to choose the right conditions and I would never take a group up there, or anybody who hadn't done it before

M1960   on 14/05/21 @ 16:19 said:

Personally, I think it's possibly more dangerous than Crib Goch, especially when wet - it's more slabby with less to hold on to.

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