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Yes - definitely: going4gold, Flat cap (Mike), JohnH
Yes - maybe: busyBee
TC   on 11/05/21 @ 21:34 said:

Parking is already pretty busy up here, so don't count on getting a space if the weather's good. Am hoping to get round to Borrowdale for this.... I'll be aiming to get parked up early 🙂

Bigfoot   on 12/05/21 @ 17:28 said:

Hi Tina I will be walking up from the YHA as I'm there Thursday night, if you are early you could park there and have a brew before we walk up.

JohnH   on 12/05/21 @ 21:53 said:

I'll be there Thursday night as well so if I join in I'll walk from the YHA.

JohnH   on 12/05/21 @ 21:54 said:

however, if the weather is good I may start earlier and go for a longer walk

JohnH   on 13/05/21 @ 10:18 said:

Starting at the proposed time, it would still give us the option of going along the ridge to Allen Crags as well.

Flat cap (Mike)   on 13/05/21 @ 21:14 said:

Jan and I are joining you. We will have to drive at least some stretch as we are staying in Grange

going4gold   on 16/05/21 @ 12:44 said:

I’ll see you at the hostel for that brew 🙂

TC   on 19/05/21 @ 19:46 said:

I might see you at the hostel... but if the forecast doesn't change I might stay at home! Saturday looks better.

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